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Danny Carvajal at the end of April 2015, has been put on the black camouflage shoes like Nike Tiempo Legend VI, the end of July we have also revealed some details about the next generation of technology legendary soccer shoes. Let us through the new spy photos to learn more about the Nike Tiempo Legend VI. New white Nike Timepo Legend VI soccer shoe combines pure platinum, black and orange three colors, classic style. This will be the first shoe color, it brings a fresh look for the modern classic Nike series. The new exterior design shoes and had the popular Nike Total 90 Laser football boots somewhat similar. There are black with orange trim Swoosh logo on pure platinum gold Nike Tiempo Legend VI outside the instep, and the inside of the arch is slightly smaller Swoosh logo. The next generation of soccer shoes Nike Tiempo Legend VI for the ultimate touch and use kangaroo leather upper, supplemented by ACC all-weather ball-handling skills, bring comfortable wearing. He Hypervenom Phantom, Magista Obra and the three different Nike Mercurial Superfly super top football shoes, Tiempo Legend 6 still adhere to the traditional low-cut design. Nike Tiempo Legend VI and the traditional upper trace, but the use of a new framework to get the most divergent uniform bonding effect, similar to the design used on the III Adidas 11Pro support frame.

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Nike soccer shoes series re-launched the Institute, and will include Hypervenom Phinish: Nike recently announced that they will launch once again very popular Academy Pack (College series), not only that, the series will also include all black nike superfly II two Generation poison Feng soccer shoes, enough to make a lot of people crazy. But some people are not over the top Hypervenom Phinish also be selected for Academy Pack puzzled. Currently, all black Hypervenom Phinish soccer shoes have appeared on the official second-generation Nike posters Academy Pack, which is also shown in September 2015 the upcoming second-generation Nike Academy Pack will almost certainly include Hypervenom Phinish. Of course, there are also sighted in the careful observation of shadows on each shoe poster noted, Hypervenom poster Phinish, but is in fact the nike superfly Phantom after the PS to the effect. In fact, many professional players, such as Wayne Rooney, Isco and Harry Kane, who are selected from the low to help Phinish wear soccer shoes, so it is not difficult to understand Nike launched Academy Pack Hypervenom Phinish actually in response to public opinion the.

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Ali Craig and Kristol Dunn and other early facelift from 2016 new black nike superflys, Nike will also launch a synthetic material to help low version nike superflys. “Race Blue” color of the Nike Mercurial Superfly 2016 women’s soccer shoe is definitely the best in the series to introduce a note of. “Race Blue” and white yarn intertwined, brings a special visual effects for the unprecedented speed of this type of Nike soccer shoes. The shoe endorsement by Megan Rapino, Sydney Leroux, Tobin Heath and Cali Lloyd et al. In addition to color outside, the shoe in the corresponding ordinary version of soccer shoes using the same technology. But compared to Superfly and unique, low-cut version of the Nike Mercurial VaporX 2016 women’s soccer shoes are too general. The shoe features a full white background with a red Swoosh logo, while the inside of the shoe is light blue. The maximum size 2016 women’s soccer shoes Nike launched for woman US13 code.Weird color Electro Flare Nike soccer shoes the color electro-optical flint series now became NikeID the options available to customize Nike MercurialX Proximo soccer shoe uppers.September 21, Nike launched its soccer shoes amazing Electro Flare a split series, the series is Hypervenom, Magista, Mercurial and Tiempo have brought a new color, each with a mix of light changes by vamp volt yellow splash pattern to achieve on the pitch apart effect.

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From the figure it can be noted that, Air Jordan XX9 upper foot and C Luo are showing the same kind of shoe uppers upper lines, this is the best use of two pairs of shoes are Nike Flyweave supporting material. As for the difference between Flyweave and Flyknit, please refer to the previous reports: fly line, fly woven Nike next to fly what is? –2016, Nike and assassins ghost cards will enable new X fly material: Nike Flyweave design goal is to provide a second skin like a vamp, a better locking and stability Superfly football shoes, in order to obtain more fast speed and acceleration. At the same time, since Flyweave than Flyknit tougher, and therefore we can expect a new generation of Superfly football shoes will be more durable. On the other hand, the use of such material Flyweave Nike can be more freedom and flexibility to customize the upper. Use of computer design software, designers can directly woven Nike Swoosh logo in the upper, while the current Flyknit Swoosh logo on the soccer shoes have to go through the glue stick in the upper. That is to say, the use of the material allows Flyweave Nike totally different designs in different colors with a soccer shoe.

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Nike Tiempo Legend V two years ago and released the same period Nike Tiempo Legacy is the second climax Tiempo Legend series products. A new generation of Nike Tiempo Legacy II soccer shoes with Nike Tiempo Legend VI and the same upper structure. The difference is the use of a Legend VI Ultimate wearing comfort and feel super soft kangaroo leather, and the Legacy of soccer shoes using kangaroo leather is not as soft calfskin waterproof material. Of course, as a secondary product climax, the shoe is not the climax Legend VI soccer shoes with the ACC all-weather ball-handling skills. Even so, in fact, Legacy II and Legend VI on many technical details are very similar. They have used the new X-Ray support framework to replace the traditional leather foot alignment design, they are exactly the same in the end, even the two also use the same outsole design. From the exterior, Legacy II and Legend VI is almost indistinguishable. The most obvious difference is probably a word printed on ACC Legend VI and Legacy II does not, there is the sole Legend VI of the printed word and the big Tiempo Swoosh logo, and Legacy II Swoosh logo soles but only just. But the difference between the two most worthy of our attention is their retail price. Nike TimpoLegend VI of the retail price will be 210 dollars, while Nike Tiempo Legacy II of the retail price will be 120 dollars.

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Just like in the winter, like a fire, a red Nike Tiempo Legend VI for the 2016 winter brings warmth. It combines two different shades of red, light red and red, in order to impress on the pitch for the shoes. The color of lining, laces and tongue portions basic black. And plans in February 2016 to launch other similar football shoes, red Nike Timepo Legend VI also features a silver reflective Swoosh logo inlaid black border. The shoe uppers substantially light red, and the heel portion, compared with red, orange hue prefer. Technically, the next generation of Nike Tiempo Legend VI introduced a new X-Ray support frame, so no need to use the traditional alignment of the upper case can guarantee stability and affixed to the foot, the design will also improve Tiempo Legend VI degree of wear. Outsole of the shoe and little change over the previous generation, it continued to follow a combination of cylindrical spikes and knives nail, for the players to bring better flexibility transition, grip and comfortable to wear. The upcoming launch of the February 2016 red soccer shoes Nike Tiempo Legend VI retail price of 210 dollars, which is better than the current Nike Tiempo Legend V price is slightly higher.

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“Madeira always infinitely close to my heart,” Ronaldo said. “I was in the world able to represent my hometown feel happy, feeling great.” Savage Beauty soccer shoe uppers lava pattern is a history of Nike one of the most complex since the pattern used in the design of the shoes. Nike headquarters and the best craftsmen from Italy Montebelluna of cooperation for the design of shoes. Vibrant six-color pattern spread from toe to heel, highlighting Ronaldo’s speed advantage. The inside of the shoes increased color design makes the shoes more dazzling, located on the outside of the heel compared with previous smaller new CR7 and bright white sneakers Swoosh logo design tends to make complete. CR7 series inspired by, Nike FC launched the Nike Free Mercurial Superfly, it is the first Nike FC athlete-inspired design of products, highlighting the bold aesthetic design Savage Beauty soccer shoes; Nike FC will thus also contains innovative, high-performance, personalized Mercurial Superfly shoes next to the field. CR7 soccer shoes first chapter: Savage Beauty soccer shoes and related apparel series will be available starting November 2.Nike Free Mercurial Superfly will be available in December. “Wild beauty” of the Free Mercurial Superfly Savage Beauty: fast as lightning, hot as lava – magmatic inspired design o

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Although this volcanic island pleasant climate, evergreen, people who live here do not need to worry about the grass always play, but Nike is still very considerate launched a small field version for those of us often have a small field on hard playing people , we can also enjoy a “Savage Beauty” amazing design. Nike MercurialX CR7 “Savage Beauty” outsole uses IC version, which is designed for indoor and street soccer are special. So whether you want to spend playing a live extraordinary on any site conditions no problem, because the Nike provide you with a small field artifact! Nike FootballX soccer shoes showdown in Los Angeles logging Park: When “Savage Beauty” swept the world, Nike FootballX whirlwind Kombat did not stop. Nike FootballX Fengrui gorgeous, such as hammer-like layers of crushed LA test. Roots players who put on new boots from Nike headquarters, standing center of the world, embarked on its own battlefield, and rival to Nike’s highest honor FootballX of war. Nike know what they are doing, this is a well-ordered confrontation, so their roots talent show stage. This is a football carnival, where the means of communication is the style of play, everyone is ready to make a go.

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Metal white / blue Nike Premier Soccer shoes with a white background and bold blue uppers Swoosh logo. Its tongue is blue, and the uppers and laces are used as an off-white, the end was gray. The shoe was introduced in 2007 Prototype white / blue color Air Legend I. Finally, a front and a similar, but the blue into the red, the color is also classic, drawing launched in 2008, white / red color Air Legend II. At the same time, the shoe may well be one pair of good modern football shoes. Nike Tiempo Legend Premier Pack football shoes from November 16, 2015 a limited market, but is said supply is sufficient. The shoe retails for 110 US dollars per pair. Nike released “Canvas Gold / volt yellow” skin color version Hypervenom Phinish soccer shoes: The new “gold canvas / volt yellow” skin color edition Nike Hypervenom Phinish II soccer shoes for the series brings a bold design. On November 10, 2015 release of “Canvas Gold / volt yellow” skin color edition Nike Hypervenom Phinish II soccer shoes in the forefoot of the foot using a high-grade kangaroo leather material. August 2015, Nike launched its first full-kangaroo leather soccer shoes, Tech Craft Pack scientific and technological ingenuity family of Nike’s three synthetic material configured soccer shoes kangaroo leather uppers, but also for Nike Tiempo Legend V brought the same color family.

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Tongue is another iconic element Tiempo series shoes, Tiempo Legend 6 shoes tongue also through innovation to achieve better performance. Tiempo Legend 6 in continuation of the series of soccer shoes Tiempo tongue traditional beauty while adopted both protection and stability of the design, the tongue and laces together as one. Tiempo Legend 6 has an inner frame in the foot, heel and molded insole microfiber can help correct foot position. Under the insole surface traction, the sole interaction with the internal structure of the silica gel. The structure is also football shoes Tiempo Legend 6 “traction soles insoles,” “socks insoles traction” part of the traction system. Slightly higher than the outside of the inner side of the shoes, consistent with the skeletal features of the ankle. The details of the design through a small Swoosh logo to show the inside of the shoes. Tiempo Legend heel stabilizer 6 to provide the ultimate in comfort and design locking. The words “Tiempo” prominently throughout heel shoes, sneakers tribute to the traditional family. Shoes on two main Swoosh logo surrounded by shoes near the rear – even though there is no real intersection. Top leather uppers from the building, leather and heel stabilizer at the intersection of the site, logo Tiempo All Conditions Control (ACC) technology, eye-catching.